"The Committee That Knows How"

After 25 years of effort on this video project, the time has come to acknowledge the contributions of the more than sixty members of The Vegetation Management Video Project Committee and many other volunteers and patriotic citizens, who have helped complete this prize winning film and build and maintain the supporting web site.

Name - Contribution to the Film

Sergio Togliatti - Theme Song Vocals
Jimmy Newsom - Music Producer
Andre Deslauriers - Producer/Director
Eugene Dick - Archival Footage
Bill Nichols - Archival Footage
Gerald McMullin - Sound Track/Theme Music
Byron Lambie - Acting & Narration
Michelle Prodanovic - Acting
Jared Quon - Acting
Will Robles - Acting
Mara Luthy - Acting
Sara Betts - Acting
Jenny Rae - Acting
Sanjay Sooknanan - Directing & Editing
Vinnie Sooknanan - Filming
Francis Choung - Filming and Editing
Greg Frediani - Filming and Editing
Will Rivera - Sound Mixing and Editing
Sophia Rivera - Editing
Marc Calice - Sound Recording
Elisa Stephone - Lighting
Kai Lavatai - Production Assistance & Photography
Mike Schisler - Production Assistance
Stephen Martinez - Production Assistance
Dave Sorokach & Jeff McGinnis - Demo Tape & DVD Duplication
Jessie Norfleet, Charly Shepler & Katherine Westholm - Cable
Idell Wedemeyer - Location Donation
Vince & Glenda - Location Donation
Kamran - Location Donation
Kathy Crane/Yerba Buena Nursery - Location Donation
Karin and Jonathan Beauchamp/Al's Nursery - Location Donation
Vernon Bruce/Golden Gate Railway Museum - Props
Steve Kennedy - Original Concept & Scripts
Don Coyne - Character Model
Cliff Murray - Character Model
Teo Carlone - Character Model
Claudia Roberson - Character Model
Jessie & Helen Goldstein - Character Models
Charli Danielson - Script Advice
Steve Edwards - Script Advice
Val Haley - Script Advice
Rich Casale - Script Advice
Dan Suleimanov - Producer/Writer
Christine Blai & her classmates -The screenplay for "The
Botanist's Scene"
Alex Mizuno - Storyboard sketches
Alison Jeffs - Storyboard sketches
Chris Verdugo- Advice and Support
Ruben Barrales - Political Advice
Cliff Samoranos - Transportation
Ed & Dennis LaMoy - Test Shoot Assistance
Lauren Etchevery - Test Shoot Assistance
Mayon Sespene - Test Shoot Assistance
Elaine McGee - Home & venue

Name - Contribution to Web Site Construction & Maintenance

Andrea Fiore - HTML coding (current webmaster for site)
Chris Stampolis/Romic Inc. - Web Site Financial Assistance
Julian Lacey/Plugged In Enterprises - HTML coding
Ben Carson/Plugged In - HTML
Laura Yasuda/Plugged In - Web Production
Armando Reyes/Plugged In - HTML coding and many years of helpful
Nathan Kurriger/Plugged In - HTML
William Matthias - Still Photography
Karen Samoranos - Vocals for audio clip
Anthony "Little Anth" Hudson - Rap Lyrics
Peter Pheap & Danny Vasquez - Rap music
Sky Cree - Computer technical support
Larry Stafford - Computer technical support