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Experience hybrid electric vehicles:

Diesel Transit Bus & Solar Motor Home:
Six assorted solar panels totaling 185 Watts (operating with just 3 hours of full sunshine), four assorted 12 volt (K size truck) batteries, an archaic 2,000/4,000 Watt modified sine wave inverter and a portable generator for use on rainy days, make this retired county transit bus a comfortable home.

solar power system installation

Moving shafts of dappled sunlight make panel siting a challenge for this artist deep in a redwood grove.

solar power system installation

Off Grid Solar Power provides mobile workshop for a talented artist and her cat, here in the foggy redwoods west of Skyline Boulevard and at street fairs across Northern California.

solar power system installation

Deisel transit bus becomes a solar motor home.

solar power system installation


Rolling On Sunshine With iZip:
Range without pedaling - 15 miles. Range while also pedaling - 25 miles. (Mileage may vary.)

Purchase price $1,000. Cost to recharge battery from grid - 12 cents. Operating cost per mile.... One half cent.... versus 50 cents per mile for average gas fueled car.

The range of this bicycle can be doubled with the purchase of a second lithium ion battery for $549.

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