We will be presenting the ADULT - HOMEOWNER version of "The Cannonball Express" in the County that is first willing to fund a conservation related environmental educational video, outside of the strictest and most rigid interpretation of California State Fish & Game Code 13103(a) which restricts audiences to K-12 students.

If you'd like to see the ADULT - HOMEOWNER version of, "The Cannonball Express", funded in your County (or just a level playing field created for all aspiring film makers interested in creating provocative, conservation related, environmental education videos for mature audiences, then please contact your State Senator in Sacramento or locally at their regional office and ask them to sponsor legislation to update California Fish & Game Code 13103(a) to reflect a suburban California where wildlife viewing is more valued than the hunting of wildlife.

On the outside chance that the ADULT - HOMEOWNER version of the video is funded (due to a sudden attack of conscience in the Sate Senate or as part of a two-for-one deal with a County Board of Supervisors) then please call Steve immediately at 65O _27four _ 27O9 to reserve a date and to discuss the location of your choice.

You may describe the presentation in publications, texts and emails to your friends, neighbors and associates with the words of your choice. Our suggested description of this enjoyable and provocative evening, goes something like this...

Still reeling from last summer's major forest fires? You'll be in good company — and in good hands, with Steve Kennedy and his incredibly lucid film, "The Cannonball Express." Kennedy outlines his three basic beliefs in four dramatic scenes: suburban forest fires are real, wildfire has the potential to overwhelm us and we are capable of shaping the fuel loads that feed monster fires.

An independent voice with no bureaucratic stake in the outcome, Kennedy spent years studying catastrophic wildfire and boils down the important facts into one compelling presentation. Kennedy, who likes to challenge traditional viewpoints, argues that with population growth and global climate change, the next 20 years will be unlike the past 20 years, and that it's impossible to have a thriving business and natural environment with a stagnant political system. This is the driving force behind his effort to create fire resistant communities. 

The evening begins at X:00 p.m. with a social hour and potluck; the film begins at Y:00 p.m. and will be followed by discussion. Please RSVP to....._________ at (707) XXX-XXXX.

Upon completion of the video, the author will also be presenting the video to the following major stakeholders, according to their express wishes and written invitations: 

We are working on a venue request with the Board of Directors of the Milo Baker Chapter of the Sonoma County, California Native Plant Society.  

Past Showings:

The Cannonball Express was screened to a small but appreciative audience at a cozy little club in Saratoga called the, "Blue Rock Shoot", on Tuesday evening, June 24th, 2008 at 7:30 PM. 

The purpose of the gathering was to showcase progressive films that dealt with our disfunctional educational system, our place in the natural world and of course, on community organizing to solve these problems. The gathering was described as a unique opportunity to view seldom seen works about the growing phenomena of media integration, technology and the environment. A short Q&A session with the film makers followed. 

The evening was sponsored in part by Schoolhouse Earth, a subsidiary of the non profit organization, Transformation of Education.