Music from the Cannonball Express

"Common Ground Theme Song" (mp3)
It's ok to ignore Google's 62 MB warning re: our WAV file. This music file is just too big for a comprehensive virus scan to be done by their virus detection software.
"The Final Blaze" (mp3) was recorded at Fitzpatrick Computer Clubhouse in Redwood City, CA. It was produced by Peter Pheap. The vocals are by Danny Vasquez and the lyrics are by Anthony Hudson.
"Good Friends" (mp3, wav) Special thanks goes to the lovely Karen Samoranos, who recorded our jingle.
Acoustic guitar themes 1-4 were composed by Gerald McMullin.
1. Slow intro (mp3)
2. The Cannonbal acoustic guitar theme (mp3)
3. Spacious interlude (mp3 file)
4. Upbeat finish (mp3)

Music in the " Recipe for Disaster" page was composed by Drew Youngs.
Drew's production contact is Jeff Pollock at

"Spooky Music" (mp3) (wav), short version: (wav)

"Mission Impossible" - This clip isn't in the movie, but its used in the website, so here it is. (mp3)


The Final Blaze

Such a tragedy, fires burn constantly, & it's sad to me,
stopping all the animals from playing happily.

Sparks fly in the sky,
another piece of God's green earth died,
I cried on the inside,
but nothing seems to stop the pain,
I'm crying tears in the rain,
cuz don't nobody seem to see.

Smoke from pitch black fires is spreading like a disease.
Please keep it safe and put out that flame,
cuz fire safety is real, man,
it ain't no game.

From Cannonball Express to rail station cafe,
twigs burn like wood and grass burns like HEY!
Now the grass is looking real hurt to me,
karen caring for the plants at the nursery,
Jessie and Helen got an old house in the hills,
now thinking 'bout all these fires is giving them chills.

Now everything looking cool, air filled with laughter,
Now everybody living happily ever after.

And of course how can we forget this happy tune,
(also used on the website, but not the movie).

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