Cell phone
OBJECTIVES: To be a: Home Solar Consultant / Telecom Technician / Writer / Film Maker


Working on the long term parking structure at WMO (Winchester Mystery Airport).


Objective: To be a Sound & Communication Technician

Skilled at . . . Building/Climbing/Designing/Planning/Organizing/Scheduling
Experience working independently and with project teams in telecommunications, construction, semiconductor industries and in other output oriented organizations in factories, office buildings and in the field in all weather conditions. Clean DMV. Have tools. Will Travel.

Technical Skills

Siemens FPI-32 Programmer Tester for Smoke Detectors, Beckman Electrical Meter, Hilti Gun,
Brother P-Touch, LANcat, PentaScanner, 4 Pair Tester, Tone Detector/Generator, Scissor Lift and Roto-Hammer. Computer literate! Studied Telecom at OICW and Cisco Networking at ROP

Technological Background

1990-92 & ‘97-09 Fire Alarm & LAN Installer for CableTech, Rosendin, Sasco & PCIS.
Installed voice, data, cable TV, LAN systems, terminated & tested connections, read blueprints.
Built & hoisted 10' diameter parabolic cell phone dishes up antenna masts for CCR Professional.

1992-1997: Sales Associate for Fry's Electronics, Price Club and Montgomery Wards.
Sold software, accessories, computers, printers, components (hard drives, SIMMS and CPU's)
Wrote informal training guides for software department, components and returns desk trainees.

1985-1990: Photocopy Technician for Modern Office Machines and Caltronics.
Field repaired Konica-Royal copiers. Diagnosed problems, replaced parts, adjusted and tested.

fire alarm blueprints


Certificate, Voice, Data Video. Passed California State Exam in October 2008. Card No. 138629
Certificate, Fire Alarm & Life Safety. Passed California State Exam in June 2004. Card No. 104645
Certificates, OICW's Telecom, Electronics, Fab & Assembly Class in Menlo Park in 2003
Certificate, CET's MMIC Microwave Technology Class in San Jose in 1985
Junior College Credits from ongoing education in Telecom, Local Area Networks, Cisco Networks and Fiber.
Certificates, SMJATC's Foremanship and Cost Estimating classes in San Carlos in 2008
Current enrollment in JobTrain/OICW's Solar Photovoltaic Installation Class (Sept 2009-Feb 2010)


Former Board Member, Menlo Park Fire Prevention District
Executive Producer, The Vegetation Management Video Project Committee


To be a: Home Solar Consultant / Telecom Technician / Writer / Film Maker