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OBJECTIVES: To be a: Home Solar Consultant / Telecom Technician / Writer / Film Maker


Solar attic fan install
Solar attic fan install
Using a logger's tool called a "peavey"

Using a logger's tool called a "peavey"

Objective: Seeking a position as a residential solar PV consultant where I can leverage...

A) my track record of successfully installed solar systems

B) my involvement as a solar advocate, tirelessly working to advance the solar PV industry

C) my HIS license, technician skills and solar training.

D) experience with off grid solar PV systems and hybrid electric vehicles.

If you enjoyed talking to me at your front door about leasing a Solar PV system, please leave your comments and questions on my FaceBook page at

Please call 1-800-321-CSLB to verify my personal contractor's license and our corporate contractor's license are both current, active and in good standing. My Home Improvement Salesperson's registration number is 89083 AA and the corporation's Contractor's License Number is 941069.


Solar Site Analysis (Installation Photos)
Financial Analysis & Cost Estimation
Inverters, Charge Controllers, Disconnects
Green Building Science and Solar Hot Water
Construction, Roofing, Safety, Grounding
Hands-on work w/ Grid Alternatives in Alviso, Aptos and San Francisco, Oakland, SJ, Pittsburg & Greenfield

Technical Skills

Solar tools including SunEye, Monoxer and digital thermometer.
Energy Efficiency tools including Duct Blaster, DoorBlower & thermal camera.
Construction tools including Hilti gun, pipe bender and band saw.
Software tools including spreadsheets, word processing, email and internet.
Telecom tools including LANcat, PentaScanner, 4 pair tester, meter & P-Touch
Fire Alarm tools including Siemens Smoke Detector Programmer/Tester.

Technological Background

2012 "Honey Do" Solar Installer The author puts his solar training to good use by designing and installing a grid independent solar PV powered FOUNTAIN in his sweet heart's back yard in La Honda, CA. The system includes a 150 Watt solar panel, 300 Watt inverter, charge controller and deep cycle battery. Designed for 24/7 operation in mid-summer and at least 4 hours of autonomous operation each afternoon, during the winter, the system cost less than $1,000 in hardware costs plus the cost of the fountain ($250). Wiring Diagram

Check out my latest solar project.

2012 Voice and Data cable installer for AECO. The author installs fire alarm, voice and data cabling in an energy sipping, building of the future on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park. This building took at least 6 years and $30 million to build and was designed for a venture capital firm. Custom features include such novelties as demountable walls and floor to ceiling white boards for sketching out ideas and proposals. This building incorporated several innovative features, energy conservation techniques and renewable energy systems. ie Solar PV and solar thermal, a green roof planted with grasses, a 15' by 6' sliding glass roof panel over the central stairwell, LED lighting with demand response for automatic dimming, load bearing walls without view obstructing I beam columns, plus floor to ceiling, double paned glass windows. To prevent arguments perhaps, each office is fitted with independent climate controls. The basement has hydraulic lift parking (fits two cars into one parking stall) and multiple 200 foot deep wells circulate freon for the ability to store heat and bring up cold from the aquafer. All of the systems are controlled by a software program designed to integrate all the energy systems into one energy efficient climate control system.

2010 Technical Writer Transoptic Solar. Wrote 6 page Solar Thermal brochure for customers interested in solar hot water. Directed placement of photos and diagrams.

1992-1997: Sales Associate for Fry's Electronics, Costco and Wards.
Helped customers and sold software, accessories, computers, printers and components (hard drives, SIMMS and CPU's). Wrote informal training guides for software department, components and returns desk trainees.

1985-1990: Photocopy Technician for Modern Office Machines and Caltronics.
Field repaired Konica copiers. Talked to customers, replicated and diagnosed jamming and copy quality problems, replaced parts, adjusted and tested.


Certificate, Fire Alarm & Life Safety. Passed State Exam in 06/04. Card #104645
Certificate, Voice, Data, Video. Passed State Exam in 10/08. Card No. 138629
Certificate, OICW's Telecom, Electronics, Fab&Assy Class in Menlo Park in '03
Certificate, CET's MMIC Microwave Technology Class in San Jose in ‘85
Junior College Credits in Telecom, Local Area Networks, Cisco and Fiber.


"Home Improvement Salesperson" License #941069
issued by the...
State of California
Contractors State License Board

Call 1-800-321-CSLB to verify the contractor's license is current, active and in good standing.

Memberships: Board Member, Menlo Park Fire Prevention District (1999-2003)

To be a: Home Solar Consultant / Telecom Technician / Writer / Film Maker