Issues & Answers c 1994
Project Description: 
A video project-in-progress about urban firestorms, 
fire safety and the environment.
I. Mass psychology in fire prevention and planning
          A) Denial

          B) NIMBY
          C) Collective memory

II. New concepts in urban planning

          A) Fire's role in nature

          B) Legacy of fire suppression in the Bay Area

          C) The lessons of the Berkeley Hills Fire

          D) Marin County's Vegetation Management Plan

          E) Roles of the individual, neighborhood associations, 
             CD and county government.
          F) Computer fire prediction programs

III. A call to action

          A) Home fire safety

          B) Rural fire prevention and planning

          C) Tools & Techniques of fuel reduction

          D) Replanting with fire resistant natives
                1. grass species
                2. shrubs
          E) Exotic Invasives
                1. Eucalyptus
                2. Scotch broom
                3. Acacia
                4. Wild oats

          F) Erosion Control

          G) A historical perspective

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